Interco Swamp Lite

Interco Swamp Lite


Toll Free : 877-644-7776

Size & Quantity:

22x11x9 ($99.00)
22x8x10 ($74.00)
22x11x10 ($104.00)
22x7x11 ($70.00)
23x8x10 ($77.00)
24x8x12 ($82.00)
25x12x9 ($110.00)
25x11x10 ($115.00)
25x8x11 ($89.00)
25x10x11 ($96.00)
25x8x12 ($89.00)
25x10x12 ($95.00)
26x9x12 ($111.00)
26x10x12 ($115.00)
26x12x12 ($125.00)
27x9x12 ($113.00)
27x10x12 ($123.00)
27x12x12 ($132.00)
27x9x14 ($120.00)
27x11x14 ($122.00)
28x10x12 ($149.00)
28x9x14 ($128.00)
28x11x14 ($146.00)
29.5x10x12 ($155.00)

Quantity in Basket: None

Interco Swamp Lite ATV tire sets a new standard of excellence for riders looking for a mud, snow and hard pack tire.Designed with all the features of a heavier mud tire,while maintaining a lighter footprint. A true all terrain tire,Swamp Lite ATV Tires are 6 Ply Rated with an aggressive stair step pattern. V forward angled lugs for better steering stability and tread lugs that extend all the way to the sidewall.

Swamp Lite Features:

  • Self cleaning,wide open, extra deep lug pattern

  • Tread Pattern for better steering

  • Rim Guard that helps protect wheels from dings and dents

  • Wrap around tread design for traction in deep ruts

  • Embossed Condor Logo on side wall

  • 6 Ply Rating

  • Smooth Riding

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