Maxxis Razr

Maxxis Razr


Toll Free : 877-644-7776

Size & Quantity:

20x6x10 ($85.85)
21x7x10 ($81.85)
21x7x10 Six ply. ($88.85)
22x7x10 ($89.85)
22x7x10 Six ply. ($98.85)
22x8x10 ($84.85)
23x7x10 ($98.85)
20x11x8 ($99.85)
20x11x9 ($98.85)
20x11x9 Six ply. ($109.85)
20x11x10 ($104.85)
22x11x8 ($108.85)
22x11x9 ($106.85)
22x11x9 Six ply. ($117.85)
22x11x10 ($124.85)
22x11x10 Six ply. ($126.85)
22x10x11 Six ply. ($126.85)

Quantity in Basket: None

Maxxis 'Razr tire is quickly becoming the most popular tire seen on the trail,Maxxis continues to experiment with tire advancements with there all new Razr.It is hands down one of the lightest! sport-tires on the market. Go ahead and compare them to other track Tires. It features an aggressive tread that pulls well, yet last very long.

Razr Features:

  • GNCC proven

  • Light weight for Quick acceleration

  • Very durable

  • Availiable in 4 or 6 ply

  • RZR logo on the side

  • 1/2" tread lug size

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